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Suppliers for Lab polyclonals

Ebola Zaire Nucleoprotein (Recombinant)

abx023563-1mg Abbexa 1 mg

Ebola virus Nucleoprotein Antibody

abx023955-1mg Abbexa 1 mg

Ebola virus Nucleoprotein Antibody

abx023956-1mg Abbexa 1 mg

Ebola virus Nucleoprotein Antibody

abx023957-1mg Abbexa 1 mg

Ebola virus Nucleoprotein Antibody

abx023958-1mg Abbexa 1 mg

Ebola Virus NP protein

80-1411 Fitzgerald 100 ug
Description: Purified Recombinant Ebola Nucleoprotein antigen (Zaire strain)

Ebola NP antigen [His]

DAGA-3013 Creative Diagnostics 1mg

Custom Antibody titration by ELISA up to 2 rabbits and 1 bleed

ELISA-1 Alpha Diagnostics 1 242.4 EUR

Beta2-Microglobulin ELISA kit ELISA Kit

LF-EK60047 Abfrontier 1×96T 814.8 EUR

Chicken thrombomodulin,TM ELISA KIT ELISA

QY-E80092 Qayee Biotechnology 96T 511.2 EUR

Oxycodone ELISA

EK7130 BosterBio 96wells/kit 573.6 EUR

Amphiphysin ELISA

LF-EK0189 Abfrontier 1×96T 723.6 EUR


IK00201 Arthus 96 tests 720 EUR


IK00301 Arthus 96 tests 1188 EUR

CALU ELISA Kit| Mouse Calumenin ELISA Kit

EF013485 Lifescience Market 96 Tests 826.8 EUR

Our used antibodies in Pubmed.

Sulphite Test Strips

MN91306 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK100 51.53 EUR

Thermal Test Film

PCR0890 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK25 383.04 EUR

5mL Test Tubes

TUB0228 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK1400 159.6 EUR

Spectroquant COD test

WAT1080 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 96.9 EUR

Phosphate Total Test

WAT3655 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 203.01 EUR

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